I don’t consider myself a far-right individual; however, I do consider myself a moderateconservative.

Booker T. Washington was, what many call, the first conservative African American. During the “Reconstruction Period,” Washington believed that blacks must learn dependency in order to become productive members of society. Washington’s theory is a beautiful one.

Many in the African-American community brag about the resiliency of the blacks but often demand the government to support their families. 

Welfare and Government Assistance has become easily accessible to the black communities. Many of welfare recipients will have offspring who do the same, and this creates a cycle of dependency. How can the black community prosper this way?

There is no cohesiveness within the African-American communities. Little Havana, China Town, and Little Jamaica are uplifting communities to culture groups. Why are there no uplifting communities for African Americans — with the exception of Louisiana districts.

African Americans do many things well but not enough support is given within the community. Many are often teased and ostracized for achieving or doing something that is not “black.” Once unity within the community is reached then love, wealth, and equality can also be reached.