heIn 1828, Andrew Jackson was called a jackass by his opponent, so he did the logical thing to avoid embarrassment, he embraced the insult and used it to fuel his campaign. In the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton referred to Trump supporters as ‘deplorables’, and his supporters proudly embraced the name.

With these stories in mind, I decided to go to Fiverr and have a few logos created to symbolize the black-republican, the black-libertarian, and the black-conservative movements. I wanted to take a derogatory term and make it into something powerful. Too often blacks who identity with the Republican Party are called ‘coons’. Principles are never discussed, ideologies are never discussed, policies are never discussed, but insults are thrown. Instead of letting the insults hurt us, I decided to have a logo created to represent us.

I created a political logo with a racoon to represent the movement. I want to be very clear, this is not done to group all black republicans together, nor do my views represent other black republican views.

These logos are not trademarked, but please ask permission before using any of these logos.



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