On April 28th, 2017, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner took place with a very important person missing: President Trump. During his campaign and his first 100 days in office, President Trump has made his displeasure for the media very, very vocal. Trump does not like the media, and they don’t like him; the between the two hate is mutual.

The most impressing thing about the President not attending is his blatant bragging about the situation.On Facebook, TheScoop shared a video of Trump speaking to his supporters and chanting, “CNN sucks!”


You may be asking: “So…what does Trump’s blatant hate for the media have to do with blacks?”

Trump doesn’t care about validation from those who don’t care about him, and his actions should be the actions of more blacks. Too often, blacks will cry and whine about not getting fair representation in Hollywood movies, magazine covers, t.v. shows, or white-lead award shows. More blacks (including me) should take Trump’s approach to situations. Instead of seeking validations from the boring award shows, TV shows that we don’t watch, magazines that we aren’t subscribed to, or clothing ads for ad that we can afford to wear,  we should simply ignore these things and focus on supporting our community and supporters. Where the media doesn’t represent us, we will create it ourselves and fairly represent us. Pre-segregation, blacks were able to build schools, build communities, build jobs, and build strong families.  Despite what pseudo pro-black sites like Blavity, BET, or The Root say, we (as blacks) need to realize, white’s not fairly representing in the media or their clubs is not holding us back; the need for white validation is holding us back.  The sooner blacks can stop wanting white validation, the quicker we can grow.